Character Exercise

Sara Vetere

Task 1

Henry’s physicality

  1. Due to the fact that Henry breaks out with acne, the girls are now staying ever further away from him than they normally would. (122). In addition to this, people would stop and stare at Henry, making him feel like some kind of monster. A young boy sees Henry and says, “Mommy, what’s wrong with that man’s face?” (128). It is possible that this little boy doesn’t realize how he’s making Henry feel by screaming his insecurities out loud, but this does greatly affect Henry’s self esteem.

5. Henry’s greatest physical asset is the fact that he was physically bigger than most of the other grades and kids. He’s physically stronger and he’s also extremely though.

6. One of Henry’s greatest weaknesses is the way he’s presented to the other students. For instance, he states, “And there I was in my homemade shirt, my one ragged pair of pants, my rundown shoes, and I was covered with boils” (126). His lack of money is portrayed through the way he portrays himself. He’s forced to walk to and from school because he’s ashamed to take his bike.

Henry’s inner life

  1. Henry is pretty intelligent. When his parents would leave for the day, they would lock the house so he wouldn’t be able to get in, but he still figured out a way for himself. He states that, “I would unhook the screen door with a piece of cardboard. They locked the porch door with a key from the inside. I slid a newspaper under the door and poked the key out. Then I pulled the newspaper from under the door and the key came with it. I would unlock the door and go in” (113). He basically has an entire plan figured out to go be able to get into his house when he wasn’t allowed to be, and not everyone is smart enough to think of this kind of “master plan”.
  2. Henry tries to imagine himself as being a “bad ass”. When at school, Henry states that, “The girls watched us as we walked by. They knew we were bad. Peter looked bored and I looked like I didn’t give a damn. The girls knew we were bad.” (118).

4. Henry states that “Something about [him] continuously got [him] into trouble” (122).

5. Henry tends to feel the need to seem dominant over other, and we see this with his interactions with Wagner. When Wagner tells him that he’s getting 50 demerits for loitering, Henry asks, “50 demerits? Is that all you’re going to give me? How about a hundred?” (117). He tries to seem tough in the sense that punishments don’t phase him, and although Wagner is the teacher, Henry isn’t intimidated by his authority.

7. Some of Henry’s greatest talents include the fact that he could hold his breathe for a longer and longer period of time each time he did it. He states that, “I went through much agony but I was proud each time I added some seconds to my record” (113).

Task 2:

  1. My intelligence greatly depends on the topic at hand and how interested I am about it. I’d consider myself to be pretty street smart, but only really book smart if I take the time and effort to study and pay attention to the material.
  2. My mind is working constantly and I’m always coming up with hypothetical situations. My imagination has no limits and although it can sometimes be exaggerated, it only goes as far as staying within the boundaries of my own mind. When I need to be creative in writing, I sometimes have trouble reproducing the images and ideas that I’m thinking.

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