Character description

Henry’s physicality.

1.At the beginning of the story, he is being treated as an underdog, incapable of standing up for himself and let everything go with the flow. Throughout the novel, we see Henry developing as a new and different character, he is able to stand up to his father’s bullying therefore he builds confidence and self esteem. Later on, when he gets insulted by a kid saying that he is a man, which means that he has similar physical attributes of a man’s.

3.He has the ability to learn new sports easily even if he is being rejected from people of his age, he still gets the chance of improving in a sport that he wishes to play.

Henry’s inner life.

2.He has a lot of imagination, which is normal of a someone of his age, but he thinks more maturely and has advanced reasoning compared to others of his age.

3.At the beginning of the novel, he is quite immature such as wanting to have sex with a teacher and so on, but at the same time he is mature and gets to be more mature with time, he knows what are good and wrong and his reasoning are different to those of the same age as his.

4.With the non stop struggle he is going through in his life, it looks like Henry is growing mentally faster than the average kid, he is continually analyzing and judging everything he confronts in his life. But I am not sure if the tough guy he tries to be is the reason why he is like this or maybe it is the struggles he is going through turned him to act as a tough guy.

8.Interaction with female characters, he is a pervert.

Hersi’s inner life



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