Anthony Sciola


Henry’s physicality. 

  1. How would other people describe the character’s physical appearance?

Henry is an average kind of looking guy and is not really good with women. his family doesn’t have a lot of money, so Henry’s wardrobe isn’t that great either.


Henry’s inner life.

8. What is the character’s greatest lack of talent?

Henry isn’t really good at sports. often he is picked last when the kids are making the teams in the school yard or sometimes they even exclude him completely.

24. What turns the character on sexually?

Henry seems to be turned on by legs. He mentions in many occasions when talking about his teachers about their different types and sizes of legs.

5. Does the character tend to be dominant or submissive with others, and why?

It depends the situation, at the beginning of novel because he was smaller than everybody else in


Task 2

Anthony’s inner life

7. My greatest talent would have to be goalkeeping.

9. my  biggest success in life so far is get a NCAA div 1 scholarship for soccer.


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