Task 1

Henry’s physicality. 


6. What is the character’s greatest physical weakness or liability?

I don’t see big physical weakness. He just wants to be as all other kids, but he is moral weak and strong at the same time.


2. Good or bad, what is the character’s most striking feature?

For me Henry’s most striking feature is that he is most of the time alone. He is always trying to find friends for him but his father always saying that he can not play with them because he is different from them. And, I think, this is making Henry to be stronger during life. He feels actually good when he is alone. He found this more interesting than being with somebody else and share your positive moments.

Henry’s inner life.


1.How would you describe the character’s intelligence?

Henry is less intelligent than his classmates and kids who he met during his childhood. First when we see this is when Henry was in the fourth grade and a boy told him what is “fucking” (54). Even Henry at this moment telling us that he does not everything that other boys know. “I was probably one of the last to know, because I still didn’t talk to anybody” (54). This shows that Henry also understand at that moment that he is not the smartest and not the intelligent boy in his grade.


5. Does the character tend to be dominant or submissive with others, and why?

I think Henry tend to be dominated and submissive with others, all depend on situation around him. As example of him as a dominant can be a moment with Lila Jane, girl who lived next door to Henry’s house. When they were walking into the tall weeds…

Task 2

17. What are three things the character most values?

For me three things that have the most values in my life is my family, not just mother and father, but my uncles, grandparents and sisters as well. On the second place is animals, especially my cats. On third place is sport, i spend a big part of my life doing different sport.


14. In order of importance, name three things that make the character really angry.

1- when person cut you when you are talking, 2- when you ask few times something but person just ignoring you at all and don’t pay attention on what you are saying, 3- when I have so much stuff to do, but I understand that I don’t have enough time and energy to do it.

5. Does the character tend to be dominant or submissive with others, and why?

I can be sometimes as a dominant and as submissive, but in different time with different people I can be a different person.








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