Build Character

Julia Graziani

Henry’s Physicality

4. Henry has boils, big large pimples, that once again builds a shell to cover Henry’s personality. “I watched people from afar it was like a stage play. Only they were on stage and I was an audience of one” this not only refers to when Henry becomes the outcast again once his boils were acting up, after finally regaining confidence it also happens the first time his dad made him mow the lawn on Saturdays (122). “I didn’t know exactly why but Chuck, Eddie, Gene, and Frank let me join them in some of their games,” finally Henry is getting the chance to be involved and make friends and play sports to cope with his tough exterior he is trying so hard to portray (66).

6. Henry’s weakness, in my opinion, would be the fact that no matter what he goes through he always obeys what he is told to do, because he’s too nice of a character which flips off the tough guy he tries to be.

Henry’s Inner Life

12. Henry’s biggest delusion is the fact that he wants to be the tough guy that everyone loves and respects, however the reality is that he feels more confident looking like a monster, and this could be one of the reasons people are not drawn to him. Henry doesn’t seem to want attention, he just wants to be noticed in a good way, but not the way he thinks he should be noticed. For example, Henry was jealous of Harry Walden who seemed to have it all, he “was pretty, the girls thought, and he had long golden curls,” the fact that none of the guys bothered or picked on him made Henry angry as if no one should go through life easy like he did (107). Henry wasn’t jealous of Harry for the fact that he had the girl’s attention, or respect from the guys, Harry had it all meaning that he had a better life, because he wishes he had an easier life like Harry.

Task 2

17. The three things I mostly value are respect, honesty and loyalty. Yes, I know this is cliche, but it’s the truth. When I someone repeatedly hurting me and back stabbing others as well I cut them off, and everything they do aggravates me, but then I make karma work it’s way through, because at the end of the day you are who you are and people will surely notice it as I do.

13. My greatest fears are loosing someone I love, not a heartbreak but actually and physically loosing someone, I hate funerals and I hope I don’t ever have to go through one again.


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