A zoom in on Bukowski

By Jemirille Bajala-Tuazon

Henry’s physicality

  1. I believe people would describe his physical appearance as decent looking. Girls were not always attracted to him but I believe to not be terrible looking since some do approach him. He just doesn’t know how to talk to them.
  2. His boils is his most striking feature. ” Then the boy screamed it out, ‘Mommy! What’s wrong with that man’s face?’ ” (128).
  3. Henry seems to have a good strength and endurance. I believe this is caused by his tolerance to his father’s beating. He has become accustomed to pain. However, it seems that his coordination wasn’t as strong until he took some practice. For example, he started practicing how to play football and suddenly he became really good at it. The other kids even let him join the games.
  4. His boils is a temporary defect for him.
  5.  Henry’s greatest physical asset is his big chest, his big legs and his height. He grew into a big guy therefore he wasn’t easily intimidated because he had some strength.
  6.  Henry’s greatest physical weakness is his boils on his face, chest and back. He was so ashamed and it made him feel ugly.

Henry’s inner life

2. Henry has a big range of imagination. He was able to write a short story about a soldier in war and I believe this is his escape of reality because he then realizes he can make up lies/ fake stories that are entertaining and that he creates the way he wants it to be seen.

4. The character seems rather pessimistic as if the whole world was against him. He feels as if terrible things were meant to happen to him and that is his destiny. Therefore, he doesn’t even try to fight it. Suffering is simply part of him, his life. He is filled by anger and jealousy for those who seem to have it easy. Everyone gives him a hard time.

5. Henry is not that much of dominant with others but he definitely is not submissive. He does not fall into uniformity and do what others do. He always felt different and people treated him differently. So, he does not try to fit at all. Around the kids that try to bully him, he does not show any signs of being submissive except when it comes to his dad who is the greatest bully of all in his life.

14. 3 things that angers Henry: Men mistreating women, people abusing animals…

15. Henry feels guilty when he makes his mother feel disappointed or upset. He feels embarrassed about his physical appearance.

16. Henry’s moral standards revolve around respecting women, animals and basically anything that has to do with beings that are cannot be able to defend themselves against men. In this novel, men tend to be described as aggressive, violent and disrespectful. Henry seems to defend the inequality of men against animals or women.

17. He values women, alcohol and writing.

24. Longs legs and white skin.

My inner life

2. I lack imagination and envy those who have them. I’m more of a literal person and I tend to be cliche when it comes to writing stories because I never seem to get any ideas.

4. I have a very optimistic view on lie or at least I try to be. I see difficult situations as challenges and they don’t seem to always last that long. Sooner or later, things gets better especially with time. I think that it’s our own perspective and view on life that determines our outlook on it.

5. I tend to be submissive around more dominant people and dominant around more submissive people. It really depends on my surroundings, however with people I’m close or comfortable with, I am more likely to be dominant. I somehow enjoy having this sense of leadership.

16. My moral standards revolves around respecting others as they respect you. Equality is definitely part of that and I believe we all deserve to be treated the  same.

17. I value friendship, family and love.


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