How to prepare for creative showcase

How to submit your creative product:

After deliberating on this a bit, I decided you will submit your creative product on the blog. If it’s a non-digital visual art piece, you’ll also submit a physical copy. Your work will be returned to you, unharmed.

Here are a list of simple instructions. You can also refer to the Sample Post.

  • You’ll create a post that you will submit to the category of “Creative Product.”
  • Give your post a title and a feature image. If you’re working with visual art, take a photo of it and make that your feature image.
  • At the top of your post, write your name: By _____.
  • First, write your explanatory text (see instructions).
  • Then, underneath it, put your creative product.
  • If it’s a piece of writing, simply write it into the body of the text as usual.
  • If it’s a piece of visual art, take a photo of it and put it in the body of the text underneath your explanatory text. (You’ll have the same image in your featured image and the body of your text).
  • If it’s a audio piece, upload it to Youtube. Then, embed the Youtube video. You can do this by copy and pasting a link. Give yourself time to upload it to Youtube!
  • If it’s a non-digital video piece, you’ll also hand in a hard copy. Please write your name somewhere on it.

Instructions for creative showcase:

On Monday, November 21, we will be holding a showcase for your Creative Products.

This is the first time I’m holding an event like this, so any help or suggestions you have in terms of how to do this would be greatly appreciated.

The purpose of this creative showcase is to share all the great and inspiring pieces you guys have worked so hard on for this project. It is meant to be carried out in a spirit of joy and discovery.

Here’s how I envision it working:

Setup: we’ll push most of the tables to the side, and set up a U-shape with a few display tables.

Mechanics: I’ll divide the class in half. Half of you will present, while the other half walk around and peruse each station. I will walk around and check each station as well. There might be some down time where you have finished perusing each station and are waiting for your turn to present. I’d suggest sitting and reading Ham on Rye quietly during these times, or bringing some other work to do. We’ll set up a “quiet zone” in case you find yourself in no man’s land.

Ideas for how you might present your work:

Really, you can present your work any way that seems interesting and efficient to you. I’ll list some ideas below, but as I said, this is the first time I’m doing this. If you have a better idea for how to present your work, then go for it.

What everyone needs to prepare:

You need to give a one or two minute introduction to your piece. In that introduction, you can discuss some of the things that you talked about in the explanatory text that you will be submitting along with your creative product:

  • What scene from the novel are you working with? Why did you choose that particular scene?
  • What led you to this project?
  • How does it reflect or depart from the thematic concerns of the text with which you are working?
  • How does it borrow from the style or tone of the novel?
  • What aspects of character did you pick up on in your work?
  • What challenges did you face in translating the thematic concerns of the novel to this other medium?
  • Do you feel that your work succeeded in capturing the spirit of the novel in one specific way? Why or why not?
  • Any other thoughts or observations about how your work relates to the novel, or surprising discoveries that you made.

You probably won’t have time to discuss all of these in one or two minutes, so boil it down to the essentials. Don’t read from a paper. Get your ideas down beforehand. You should familiar enough with your piece that you can just talk about it. You can jot down a few notes or bullet points that you want to discuss in your introduction. Do not simply read the explanatory text that you’ll be submitting. If I see you doing this, I’ll ask you to stop. 

Here are some ideas for how you might present your work:

Writing: Writing might be the trickiest one to present. You most probably won’t have time or people’s attention to be able to read your entire piece. So, you need to give people a sense of your piece. In your introductory spiel, you can discuss what your entire piece is about. Then, I would suggest picking an excerpt, say about half a page that you’ll read. In addition to reading this excerpt, you should display it. You can do this by making a poster of it. Print it out in large font and attach it to a Bristol board, or large piece of cardboard. Or, display your excerpt on a laptop. Whether printed out or on a screen, make an effort to make it look readable and inviting.

Visual Arts: Visual art is probably the simplest to display. Display it. There won’t be a way to hang your work on the wall, nor will there be any kind of self-standing structure. You can lay it on the table, or hold it up yourself while you present. If you can figure out a creative way to get your work to stand on its own, bravo.

Sound: Bring in a device that can play your piece and a set of headphones. If you bring in headphones, please bring in the “over the ear” kind. For sanitary reasons, I will not allow in-ear earbuds to be shared. If you don’t have a pair of these, see if you can borrow a pair. If you cannot get a pair, please let me know beforehand. Anyone in this class who owns a pair of over the ear headphones they wouldn’t mind lending to someone for this purpose, please bring them in.

Film: You’ll have to bring in a laptop to display your film, along with a set of “over the ear” headphones.

Is anyone working in any other medium?

In order to earn a 5/5 on this assignment:

  • You must be present on November 21, with your artwork in hand, ready to present.
  • You must have a short one or two minute introductory spiel.
  • You must present your work with energy and pride.
  • You must engage with other people’s work in a spirit of curiosity and encouragement.

Because of the nature of this class, you must come on time, and you may not leave early. If you are more than ten minutes late, I will not allow you into the showcase, and you will get a 0/5 on the showcase. If you leave early, you will get a 0/5. If you know in advance you cannot avoid being late or that you absolutely must leave early, please let me know in advance of Friday, November 18. (you can’t email me that morning telling me you’re running late).


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