Art or Not

For my creative project, I am having a hard time coming to a final decision between expressing my piece through an art medium or recreating a scene of the novel through writing.

If I do go along the visual art medium route, I will be attempting to portray Anna’s mixed emotions and failure to come to terms with the reality of becoming a prostitute or at least being regarded as an item for sale by Mr. Jeffries which we see in chapter three. Specifically, the scene I would like to demonstrate in the art piece is chapter 3, where Anna sees a reflection of Mr. Jeffries slipping money into her handbag, despite his effort to do so discretely. I would like to attempt to show her confusion over the gesture and disappointment with herself for allowing him to leave the money; accepting that that is all she is worth. In my head this sounds pretty good, but I am no Picasso, and it sounds just a little too made up. How are you supposed to know what point or feelings I am trying to get across by a poorly painted picture, especially since the majority will only skim the written explanation of the piece, if even.

The recreation of a scene seems a much more ideal to me, although I will just have to make it fit in with the happenings of the novel. The scene I would like to rewrite is Anna’s visit with Hester. In this scene Anna essentially lets Hester go on and on about how all of her relatives in the East Indies are wrong to blame her for Anna’s shortcomings as well as how she is not responsible for Anna’s well-being. In my rewrite of the scene I’d like to give Anna some courage and make her speak out against Hester and fighting for the estate that is rightly hers, and not for Hester to take. She will continue to live in London afterwards, that’s not going to change, but she will have enough money to keep pull herself out of the rough times. Unfortunately, Anna is so sunken into her depression at this point that she pockets the money and continues in her sad way of life.


One thought on “Art or Not

  1. Okay. If you prefer, the writing medium, go with that. But, I don’t quite get what you want to do. It doesn’t like a scene. It sounds like more of a story. I’m not exactly sure what you’re intending here.

    The picture sounds like a more fully formed idea. I understand your reservations about pulling this off.

    I’d suggest coming to speak to me about this before you complete it.


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