“Walternien”- Proposal

In Voyage in The Dark, in a writing medium,  I want to recreate the scene where Maudie interacts with Anna, she talks about how girls need to behave around man, basically giving tips in how woman in general should act in their time. (38-39) I will reimagine it in Walter Jeffries’ perspective. We know that Maudie is older than Anna, and in accordance with how Maudie talks about men, she says everything from experience. Men influenced Maudie in treating men as a tool such as taking advantage of their money and to avoid sentimental connections with them. Maudie was probably treated badly and had some negative experiences when she got closer to them in her days. Therefore, instead of Maudie’s experience, I want to express it from Walter’s. I also believe that Maudie and Walter are two opposite end of people, they do not match or share any similar ideas. So based on that I could perfectly translate what Maudie says to Anna in Walter’s way of expressing and his own thoughts about woman (keeping in mind Walter and Maudie are different sex). I know that Walter doesn’t directly express his ideas, he indirectly compares situation he faces in his life, as an example, in page 75, Walter compares his situation where he’s always being asked money from Anna and he indirectly explains his own situation through what Vincent and Germaine are going through. So, I think giving some “Walternien” touch on the reinvented scene I have in mind might be interesting.

Hersi Nur


One thought on ““Walternien”- Proposal

  1. Okay. Cool. But I don’t quite understand. You’re going to put Walter in this scene instead of Maudie? So, it’s Walter talking to Anna about what men really want? In his indirect way? I don’t quite get it. I’d suggest coming to speak to me about it before you complete this.


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