Who am I?

Task two

My first memory was being in my dad’s office during the Christmas holidays, with my brother. I was always the shy one out of the two. I remember going there afterwards every year during the same week of Christmas, then I stopped going, because my dad had told me that he wasn’t allowed to bring his kids to work anymore.

It was my brother and I in the office with my dad, I was coloring, my dad was on the computer, and my brother as he always does, wondered around the building with of course supervision from one of my dad’s colleagues. My dad and I wanted to go eat some lunch so we wondered in the building looking for my brother, and once we found him with my dad’s colleague they started to chat, of course. My brother always like to play around with me, tease me. While my dad and his colleague were talking,  we were playing tag, or I was probably running away from him so I intended to run to my dad and hide from my brother and squeezed a big hug into my dad. However, I looked up hugging a man that was not my father. It was his colleague..

Task three

My first memory was being in my dad’s office during the Christmas holidays, with my brother. My dad and I were hungry, however as he stopped and talked to one of he’s colleagues, my brother and I were playing around in the building. I was the one teasing him this time. I copying exactly every word he said and mimicked him, however he was laughing as it was a game, but this was not a game. Then, I had decided to kick him and challenge him to a race where I won and he kept asking to make the winner be the best out of three races. I won all three. He finally got annoyed, my attentions were fulfilled and then we played a game of tag, where this time I was the one chasing him around.

Task four

My brother and I were at my dad office during the Christmas holidays, which then became a routine for us after a couple  of years later. My brother always liked to tease me and make fun of me where he laughed, thinking it was all a game and I grew angry. He was very hungry that day and ate both his and my  lunch. So I went up to my dad and told on my brother, but he did not confess. Instead. he had told him a lie that I had eaten all of his and my lunch, and of course my dad believed my brother. I guess because he was older and more convincing. My parents always believe him until I would cry out, because every situation my brother always wins and it’s unfair to me. He laughs, I cry. That’s how most of my childhood was with him.

Task five

When Henry was at school one day, he states “I didn’t have any friends at school, didn’t want any. I felt better being alone.” which really stood out to me (29). At a very young age, we can already see who Henry is; an outcast. However, he likes the loneliness, the reason for this, I believe is because his father had always taught him to not talk to the other neighbors and keep to himself. Henry’s father would say this to him, because he thought that they were better than others, however Henry took this in a different way and thought he just doesn’t want anything to do with anyone else and be a tough kid that messes with no one, and where nobody messes with him. Although that ended up not being the case.

Julia Graziani


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