Who Am I? Who Do I want to be?


Task Two

My first memory is a trip that my parents took me and my brother on to Haiti. I was about 1 year and 4 months old while on this trip but I remember maybe aspects of it. I remember being in a backyard and playing with small chicks and then being chased around the backyard by the hen because she did not want my brother and I to hold them. It was always very warm and the sun was always shining. The roads were dusty but not dirty with trash or anything. I remember having my first bite of cake while in Haiti and it was the most delicious and soft cake I have ever eaten to this day. It was a vanilla cake with blue and white icing that was creamy and was made to perfection. I remember seeing my grandmothers collie found dead down the street from her house and all the tears that flowed from that event. My father decided to buy me doll which could have been to make me feel better after the dog dying. The doll was taller than I was and was so beautiful, too bad I wasn’t able to bring it back with me to Canada after the trip. Being outdoors was a must while I was there because my brother and I wanted to explore everything but this resulted me in being bit by more mosquitoes then I can count. It was a serene and beautiful experience and I am very lucky to have this as my first memory.

Task Three

At the age of 1 year and 4 months I was able to go on my first amazing adventure to Haiti. I was surrounded by my parents and brother and other relatives I did not know. My brother and I were mischievous and would play with the baby chicks outside. All I wanted to do is hold them and play with them so they wouldn’t be bored, but the evil hen would chase me and my brother all around the backyard to try to keep us from our goal. I did not let it deter me and everyday I would go back and play with them because it was the right thing to do.

Task Four

When I was 1 year and 4 months old I was dragged to a trip to Haiti b y my parents. Of course at this age I had no say in what I wanted or didn’t want to do and so I went. When I arrived I was surrounded by people I did not know and so I stuck close to my brother. We found a hen house that had chicks and so we decided to try to play with them and that was a big mistake. As I was holding the chicks the hen decided o attack my brother and I. We were chased and forced to let go of the chicks as the mother hen relentlessly tried to get rid of us. I was defeated and sad that I lost this battle with a chicken. Lets be honest who loses to a chicken, Ill tell you who…a loser. I let this chicken take away a happiness that I had found while playing with its babies and this has stayed with me.

Task Five

In chapter 52 the passage that I found showed some of Henry’s personality was “With all the instructors being anti-German I found it personally impossible to simply agree with them. Out of sheer alienation and a natural contrariness I decided to align myself against their point of view” (236) This passage shows the side of Henry that likes to be different and not just follow what other people or doing or believe in. He analyzes situations and thinks things through before making a decision. This shows the thoughtfulness that Henry possesses and also the “rebel” side that Henry likes to put forth into the world. I feel that in this passage he also presents himself as the only person who is thinking rationally and not hating a whole group of people because of what a small majority of them have done.




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