The Underlining Truth

For my creative project I will be using a non-writing medium as well as a writing medium. In order to catch the essence of darkness from this beautiful novel, I will first write a poem. I want this poem to focus on the pain and the solitude that Anna is experiencing. My goal is to look at the different passages where Anna mentions darkness versus light and to write a poem explaining what I think is going truly going through her head. I will try to look at certain difficult obstacles she has to undergo, such as when she loses her virginity and when she gets paid for her “services”. This is a key scene in this novel and I found it particularly ugly. When I say ugly, I am actually referring to how ugly is the image being painted to us is. My poem will really focus on the elements of solitude and the contrast between her home and England and how she is going through hell in this dark world. I want to express her feeling of hatred of everything and everybody through this poem, as I will also try to give reason for them. I want the reader to understand truly what Anna is going through, but also why she going through all this. Not only is it for money, but I found that she deliberately put herself in such situations sometimes. She convinced herself that her life would be horrible and that England is an awful place to live and so her dark experiences descend from those initial thoughts and beliefs. My poem will not rime nor will it use a formal structure. I want to write a poem without any restrictions and really try to focus on the message that I am intending to transmit. To add to the reader’s understanding of Anna’s pain, I feel that reading the poem over a soundtrack is a great idea. I know that music always moves me more when watching a movie or reading the lyrics of a song; music lets us feel the intended message of the words in a more direct and profound way. I am still not sure if I will create the song myself or if I will use an existing soundtrack of a song, which I will judge perfect for the purpose of my poem. This is what I will do for my creative assignment, I will speak of Anna’s fears and experiences and try to explain her pain and why she is doing what she does, aside from the obvious money factor. Also, the poem will be approximately 3 minutes long when read, in order to cover an entire soundtrack. The soundtrack will be there to add to the words certain feelings and emotions that only music can.

I find that there is much more than just the idea of potential profit when she made her choice of action and descended onto this path, which lead her into prostitution. I feel that she told herself that this was going to be her fate and never actually tried to alter it or avoid it.

Savana Di Quinzio


One thought on “The Underlining Truth

  1. Sounds great! It’s not clear which scene you’re referring to. Make sure this is clear in your explanatory text. I look forward to hearing this.


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