The grand battle between Lousy Light and Dangerous Dark

For the creative project I will attempt to create a partially abstract piece that will depict the bold contrast of Anna’s current world and her past. The dark, symmetrical and bland image of London that seems to take over her life, compared to to the beautiful, light and free world of the West Indies. The center piece of the painting would find a long, unidentifiable female figure that separates the canvas into two parts, that is mostly outlined black with an empty filling. On the left side of figure there would be a great light that shines right through the figure, but on the right side would be a dark extension of the figure with strong symmetrical lines that are overwhelming the piece. The focus my be pushed towards that part because it will be larger than that of the lighter part. It will almost seem as if the light part is negligible, like it is in the novel. Anna dreams of the West Indies, but the chances of her actually getting there are rather insignificant, this idea will be projected on to the painting. The sliver of light overwhelmed by the overbearing darkness of London.  It will almost seem like the light and dark are in a grand battle happening right on top of the weak figure of the woman. I will use a different material to draw the blackness, maybe charcoal just to draw the attention of the viewer.Thicker more organized lines for London, and lighter more free strikes for the West Indies, but still keeping the faintness of the memories within the strokes of the pencil.


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