Ricardo’s Proposal

In the creative product assignment, I intend to portray two sides of Anna’s thinking of what she likes and dislike. Thus, I will draw. She will be positioned in the centre of the page to accentuate the two sides, depicting an obvious message that there are two sides in her mind. Throughout the story, we evidently know that she detests England; it’s cold, dark and reluctant. She gives many imagery describing the place that she lives in and I aim to find as many imagery and perhaps sounds as I can to clearly demonstrate her description of the country. The imageries won’t only be about the description of the environment itself, but also of the people around and what prevents her from departing this place. Her imageries will serve to provide a much more accurate representation of her thought, instead of just drawing the country plainly dark.  On the other side, sometimes she can find some places of the country beautiful like in the scene when she went to a voyage in the light with Walter. What she likes is the complete opposite of what she detests; warm, light and eager. That is what she misses the most. I think it is important to portray her emotions and depict her values on what makes her love warm places. This won’t be for a specific scene, but I will find many passages that could visually create a summary of Anna’s mind.


One thought on “Ricardo’s Proposal

  1. Okay, because you’re not using a specific scene, make sure whatever you’re drawing is inspired by real passages from different parts of the novel. Sounds good.


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