Proposal : I hated her so much.

I will recreate the scene and passage where Anna talks about Francine, from page 58 to 63. I will create a scene where it properly illustrates their relationship. Not only shall I write in Anna’s point of view, but I will also depict the emotions that were felt by Francine. While Anna seems to almost be idolizing Francine, or being envious of Francine’s freedom, Francine hates Anna for who she is. Their social standing has it’s way through their relationship; it forcefully separates the two of them. I think adding a scene with Anna dreaming of being born with darker skin, and a same social status would be great, because it could then contrast a happy Anna in this false scene with the sad Anna in the novel. It would be a refreshing way to see a different character’s point of view. I thought about creating this scene, because after finishing the book, I got curious of how truly happy Anna was back in the Caribbeans. She seemed so happy, and I thought I wanted to know more about her childhood influences too. The setting of the scene will take place back in the West Indies, at her home. If I were to place this scene somewhere, I would have created a new chapter, between chapter 6 and 7,  just to concentrate on these elements, because truly getting to know Anna’s past is important as well. The recreated scene would depict about social standings and identity, because Anna does not know how to represent herself as who she truly wants to be.

Francine’s POV (point of view)

The sun was barely up, but I was woken up by the loud chickens. My routine was always the same. I first would have got up, wear the same ripped clothes that stank, and went outside. I would have walked far away to get some water. I would wash my face first with the water, but then I would have had to fill it up and walk all the way back to the house with a bucket full of water. I was glad there were other kids with me, but we never really talked because the masters forbid that. I was the one appointed to cook them breakfast, or rather, I was just helping out in the kitchen and serving their meals. The masters treated us well, they were not abusive, but there was this one annoying master, she would always follow me around. Because of that, I always got shitted on. Everyone kept telling me to keep my distance with her. I do but she kept coming back to me, and I could not even touch her. I hated her so much, she made my life so miserable. I hated the fact she was white, but also had a darker skin. She had some of our blood in her, but she was able to live such a great life. I hated her, she wore pretty dresses and always had this innocent smile going on, as if she did not know how much I suffered everyday. I hated her because the master, the father, was always spoiling her. I hated her, because of her I had to go through the same routine everyday. Once I had finished serving the breakfast, I would be sent to clean and feed the animals the masters owned. I hated her so much.

Then that day happened, we had a new female master. She was the worst I have ever seen. She had kept insulting us. She obligated us to call her Madame. She was the worst, I could not even compare this little girl to this fat and ugly lady. She made me sick all the time. I still hated Anna though, because whenever Madame saw us together she would punish me.

Anna’s POV

I opened my eyes, and I saw the beautiful sun rising. I thought that it would be another great day. I first dressed myself up, by choosing my favorite dress. I looked very cute in it, Father kept complimenting me in this dress. I was glad to please him. I was then served breakfast by Francine. She was really smart in my opinion. She had beautiful dark hair, although it felt like we could see her bones, I loved that. I wished I were black. During the daytime, I loved to follow Francine around. She always tried to avoid me and escape, but I always found her back. It felt like we were playing hide and seek! It was fun. I would watch her feed the chickens, and get herself dirty, but she seemed at ease.

I would never forget the day she stepped in our house. […]

Lissom Huang


2 thoughts on “Proposal : I hated her so much.

  1. This sounds cool! I like the idea of creating a scene of backstory. Really nice.

    Watch out for your language at times. For example, I don’t think Francine would speak like this: “I always got shitted on.”

    Also, try to think of an elegant way to switch between points of view. Titling them “Francine’s POV” and “Anna’s POV” is a bit unsatisfying. Maybe one can be in italics?

    (You’re not on the attendance sheet for Nov. 7, so you’re not eligible for a grade on this proposal.)


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