Proposal for creative project

By Neta Fudim

Voyage in the Dark has an unusual writing style that’s detached and simple but occasionally poetic and metaphorical as well. For my creative project, I am planning on using an alternative medium to writing. I often draw in my free time so I’ve decided to do a pencil drawing of one of the scenes in the book. One of the things that I liked the most about the novel was the dreamy, dark mood it had. That is why I chose the scene on pages 32 and 33 where Anna contemplates her reflection in a mirror after losing her virginity to Walter. She sees both her own reflection and the one of Walter putting money in her purse. In these pages, Anna becomes somewhat detached from her physical body and doesn’t fully recognize herself or her old self anymore. In my opinion, this scene is a very important moment in the book because afterwards Anna slowly becomes increasingly disillusioned by reality and falls into a dreamy sort of helplessness. Currently, what I’m thinking of drawing is Anna looking in a mirror and seeing a distorted image of her own face. Hopefully this will convey the contrast between the real world and the dream world Anna resides in. The materials I’m planning on using are normal pencils, colored pencils and charcoal pencils. The size of the paper I will draw on will be slightly bigger than an average piece of paper and made from cardboard material.  The themes in this scene are her self-esteem, self-doubt, sadness and confusion. This is why the best colors and themes to enhance in my project will be dark and blended in together as well.


One thought on “Proposal for creative project

  1. Sounds terrific!

    (You’re not on the attendance sheet for Nov. 10, so you’re not eligible for a grade on this proposal.)


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