For the novel Voyage In The Dark, I will be doing a creative art piece in order to illustrate the last scene of the novel. I will also be including Anna’s character in all throughout the novel and how she always seems to be in and out of reality. I will be achieving this by using a poster board and decorating the background with the realities of Anna’s life. I will then put a silhouette of her face in the foreground and in her head put the things she imagines during the reality of her life. This will be my way of illustrating how she is always distant and unattached to reality. I will also include her final moments in the ending of the book and how even in near death she still fantasizes about other things than the actual reality .


One thought on “Proposal

  1. Okay, sounds good. Be sure to use images from her stream of consciousness bit at the end, rather than just random objects from throughout the novel.


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