Nightmare on Memory Lane

Charlotte Lapointe

Task two: Memoir

My first memory, I believe, is waking up from a nightmare where I was surrounded by dogs. I remember the nightmare as being a two-dimensional plane filled with digs barking at me. I remember being scared and I don’t know if I cried when I woke but I remember the   light in the hallway being turned on and the door opening softly as my mom came in to comfort me.

Task three: Identity


My first memory was epic! I remember waking from a nightmare were I was surrounded by dogs. They were barking at me and I was screaming at them; to show them I was not afraid and that I could be even louder than they could. I think I was actually screaming because the lights in the hallway turned on and my mother came rushing in to calm me.

Task four: More identity

I remember my first memory because it was so traumatic. I remember waking up from a nightmare where dogs were barking at me. I can’t believe I was scared of dogs, they weren’t even attacking me or anything, just barking. I woke up crying and shaking, it was so loud that I woke up my mother. She opened the lights in the hall and walked in to try to calm me down.

Task Five: Henry’s Identity

I really feel like Henry changes the way he sees himself throughout the novel, and that who he believes he is depends on the people that surround him and where he is story-wise.

“My day came. I was tall and I felt very powerful at the plate. I couldn’t believe that I was as bad as they wished me to be. I swung wildly but with force. I knew I was strong, and maybe like they said, ‘crazy’. But I had this feeling inside of me that something real was there. Just hardened shit, maybe, but that was more than they had.” (Bukowski 33).

In this scene, Henry really portrays himself as the hero. He uses words like ‘strong’ and ‘tall’ to describe himself, as opposed to the meekness he usually gives off when he is with other kids. He also seems a lot happier, and filled with hope that isn’t usually a part of his though process. He knows he is more than what the kids around him ‘wish him to be’; that he is more than those other kids. The whole passage gives off this sense of confidence  and strength and hope; Henry can be an idealist sometimes and it is a nice change from his usual ‘underdog vibe’.




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