After three years at home with mom the first day of daycare happened. I was around three, and as my mom had to go back to work I had to go to the daycare. It was a sunny day outside, the birds were singing the only disturbing sound in the air was my crying. I think the whole neighborhood knew that I was going to the daycare. I was crying hoping that I can avoid going, and I will stay home with my mom another day. The cut of umbilical cord took place that day. The room full of children, running, screaming, the lady talking to me, what was she saying? Nope, I just wanted my mummy.

I was always wondering how our brain is structured to remember the stressful and painful moments. Why not happy ones?

Task three

That day came, the big day that I waited for so long. The first day of daycare, I did it. No more at home with my mother, now only the freedom that comes with the daycare. It was September, I was a big girl already around three years old. It was raining outside, mud everywhere, but nothing could ruin the happiness I was feeling inside. And here it is, my fellows running, screaming and I could do the same without any hesitations that my neighbors will here. And the animator such a nice lady, very kind and attentive. Oh I was free from my parents, and hoped the moment lasts for ever.

Task four 

Why did that day have to come? I guess that my mother wanted so badly to go back to work, and just get rid of me. Why would she want to stay home all day with someone that is crying, running and has to be fed all the time. I had to go the daycare. The weather outside was playing tricks on me, raining cats and dogs, and it was not supportive at all. Why should it be for such a cranky creature like me. All those higher and older children running, and not even paying attention to the newcomer. I just wanted to stay in my corner where nobody sees me, and I can spend the day waiting for someone to come to pick me up. May be someone will come, or may be not. Why should they?

Task five 

I think that Henry has a very interesting personality, and he wants to believe that he is a tough boy:”I liked to feel bad…I liked being bad. Trying to be good made me sick” (93). That is what he wants people to think about him, and he wants to be taking seriously. All of his friends are showing of, and he is doing the same thing. However, this is just a cover he wants to create, an image of himself. I think that in fact he is very kind, and easy to be offended. He has pity, and and feels the need to protect the defenseless people, may be because he knows how it feels:”I couldn’t watch the kill. I felt a great shame at leaving the cat like that…That cat wasn’t only facing the bulldog, it was facing the Humanity” (90). He could not bare the thought of the cat been killed and teased by the bulldog, and the fact that he could not do anything, that he is useless made him feel sad:”The knowledge that I didn’t have the courage to do what was necessary  made me feel terrible. I began to feel physically sick” (89). This shows a different part of Henry, a side that he does not want to show just for the fear not to be accepted and be considered weak.


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