Task two : Memoir

I don’t really remember exactly how old I was. I might have been between 2 or 3 years old.I’m pretty certain that I was in my parents old house in the west island. We lived in the twenty-third avenue. I remember that I was in my bed and everything was big and much taller than me. I remember the music playing in the background. It sounded like ” Aboudi dabouda…”. I don’t know the title of the song but I know it was a male singer. The walls were pink… for sure. It was a faded pink… a pink that was very popular in the old times. A coral pink? Anyways, next to my baby bed, there was a black drawer. I remember the drawer accurately because it was very pretty. It was a Chinese drawer with a design of beautiful birds surrounded by detailed flowers. Not the “Ikea-type” of furniture but a hand-made antique stuff imported from China. What was I doing there? I, myself am not so sure. I might have been half- awake or half-asleep at that time.

Task three: Identity

I don’t remember exactly how old I was at that moment … but that doesn’t matter because I had more important things to do. I was the guardian of the pink room. I was crouching under my bed sheets keeping an eye on the precious drawer. The black Chinese drawer had my family treasure lock up in it. Despite the fact that I was only few years old,I was assign to protect it. It wasn’t a difficult task for a 2 years-old baby like me because I was used to do it. I could hear the enemy coming.  It was a man on the phone. He replied  in a low voice ” Aboudi .. .dabouda” on the phone. He might have thought there was no one in the room but he was wrong.

Task four: More identity

I don’t remember how old I was a that moment… I’m not good a remembering the time… My parents have abandoned me in that pink room. It was a big house but I was scared of it. The walls were to tall and everything seemed dominant.  I didn’t know what  was happening because I was really young at that time. I wasn’t brave enough to walk around by myself in the house. I wasn’t strong enough to lift myself out of the bed. I wasn’t good enough. I needed my parents. I always needed help to eat, brush my teeth and to dress up. There was a drawer in front of me that belonged to my mother. It was an elegant drawer. I really wanted to know what was inside but I was afraid that my mom would get mad…

Task  five:   Henry’s Identity

A glimpse of Henry’s personality is shown in the passage where he  meets the big guy from Marmount Grammar School. He knows he is about to get beat up by the big guy and that he can’t fight him back so he just take in all the beating without showing any emotions. When Lila Jane comes and makes an intervention, he sees the other guy “crying and howling” (Rhys 46). In this scene, Henry follows up by saying that, ” [He] was surprised , a big guy like him crying like that. At Desley we had a code. We never made a sound. Even the sissies took their beating silently.” (46) This illustrates that Henry realizes that he is tougher then he thought he was.


Amanda Ging Sze Chan



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