Identity Exercise

Written By Jerry Huang

Task Two:

I remember lying in bed when I was around 4 years old. I had recently watched the movie “The Grudge” with my older sister who was 13 at the time. As I laid in bed, the light from a nearby lamppost was shining through my curtains, creating a shadowy figure behind it, one that resembled a humanoid to a certain degree. I remember getting frightened by the shadow and the sound of some animal, although I do not remember what it was. I called out for my parents, so they came and showed what the shadow really was, calming me down and I was able to sleep quietly after that.

Task Three:

I was but 4 years old at the time. I had watched “The Grudge”, a film intended only for the mature, like myself, yet the film did not frighten me in any way, shape or form. As I went to bed, I noticed that the lamppost outside my window was shining through  it creating a small shadow. The shadow bothered me because it was too bright and annoying, keeping me up for a bit. I knew it wasn’t anything important, but I needed to stop thinking about it so that I could go to sleep. I therefore called my parents to try finding a way to cover it up, but they couldn’t. Realizing that I couldn’t really do anything about it. I just tried to go to sleep, which I eventually managed to do.

Task Four:

I had just watched a movie and I was frightened beyond pale. I couldn’t move or think properly, as all that was left in my mind was the film. In my room, there was a lamppost that was making a shadow through my curtains. But being who I was at the moment, I couldn’t think properly. I began to wail, asking for my parents to figure out what it was. When they finally did, I still couldn’t calm down, but I eventually feel asleep due to exhaustion.

Task Five:

In the passage where Henri’s mother catches his father having an affair, Henri presents himself as something of a mix between a pathetic individual and a hero. He says “I climbed out a window and tire dot get in the front door. it was locked. I tried the rear door, the windows. Everything was locked. I stood in the backyard and listened to the screaming and the beating” (52). Here, Henri shows that he wants to play the role of the hero, wanting to be the one to protect his mother and finally have his revenge on his father. However, once he is aware that there is nothing he can do, he simply accepts the fact and decides to leave everything alone, rather than try to find another method as the hero should. While Henri’s actions are excusable especially due to his age, he still shows that he lacks the personality to play the role of the hero he wishes to become, instead staying satisfied with the fact that he can’t really do anything at this point. I feel like in this situation, Henry would describe his own personality as normal, as throughout the novel he has a tendency to try finding excuses for his own inaction or mistakes.


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