Task two

The first memory I remember was when I was around 3 years old. I was in the Philippines visiting my family. The streets were filled with people and it smelled like fish because markets. It was crowded and there was always this particular smell of gas because of the motorcycles. (Sometimes when I smell this particular sent of gas, it brings me exactly back to the memory of being in the  Philippines.) All the neighbors were out, chatting or selling some things. They seemed so friendly and approachable but I couldn’t understand them. The language was so foreign to me. I felt out of place. Finally, I arrived at my grandfather’s house for the first time and I saw this big dog chained up to the house. Someone lifted me up so the dog wouldn’t touch then the dog was jumping at me tugging its chain. He seemed awfully aggressive. I felt scared but I didn’t seem able to react at all. I stayed pretty calm, feeling safe because I was out of reach. Then, my grandfather came out knowing that the dog was barking at some visitors. He picked me up over the dog and he seemed genuinely happy to see me. He was talking to me, blabbing about something but I was still focused on the dog . I was confused on why they kept a dog that seemed dangerous and that was big enough to eat me.

Task three

When I  was three years old, I went to the Philippines to visit my grandfather with my aunt. Arriving in front of his house, we saw that he had big black dog. It was  barking at anyone who got near him. I didn’t flinch as we approached him. He didn’t scare me a bit. I knew he wouldn’t be able to touch me because he was chained up tightly to the house. My aunt however seemed to be the one to worry because at that moment she lifted me up into her arms away from the aggressive beast. Hearing the roar of the dog, my grandfather finally stepped out. He scooped me out of the arms of my aunt and into the house, still keeping away from getting bitten. My grandfather looked at me with a smile feeling as if he has saved me from a dangerous situation. I wasn’t in danger in the first place.

Task four

When I was three years old, my aunt accompanied me to my grandfather’s house.  We noticed this dog chained in front of his house barking. People passing seemed to think he was harmless as they continued to walk without even glancing at him. However, I was stuck in fear as we approached him. My aunt was urging me to enter the house but I simply wouldn’t move. I was afraid of being attacked and she didn’t seem to care! I imagined the chained breaking off and the dog simply could jump at me. So, I stayed in place holding my breath. After minutes of just standing there, she finally decided to pick me up away from the dog. In my mind, he seemed to be really big and scary, but he barely arrived to her waist when he was stretching up trying to reach for me. My grandfather finally arrived and took me into the house. No one seemed to notice that the dog could have been a real danger to me but at least I was far within his reach.

Task five


I pushed it faster. It was hard to do but it felt good. I pushed it faster fast. I was almost running with the mower. Th grass flew back so hard that much of it flew over the grass catcher. I knew that would anger him (68).

This  scene is when Henry’s father asks him to mow the lawn and Henry kind of tests his father’s temper by doing something he knows will piss him off. I think that Henry is demonstrating himself a bit as a daredevil. He already knows that his dad ticks off really easily, therefore he is simply playing with fire by doing this. I guess it shows a bit a of a bold and daring side of Henry. He is so used to being beaten that he isn’t even scared to provoke his father, because he knows that one way or another his father is never satisfied. When his father threw that piece of wood on his leg, he made no attempt to avoid it and this really shows a fearless side of him. As I said, he is so used to it that he is not afraid of it anymore. He chooses not to show his vulnerability because even if he has been hurt, he pushes himself to continue mowing the lawn without limping. I think that Henry has a lot of pride and does not want to give the satisfaction to his father by showing him he is hurt or affected by his actions because he knows that his father would simply find pleasure in seeing him weaken. So, he acts tough and stands his ground. When it comes to people trying to intimidate him, Henry always wants to show that he is not easily destroyed or hurt. He stays strong as much as he can until he can’t pretend anymore.


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