Task 2

My first memory would have to be from when I was about four years old. I used to live in an apartment building with 11 units in it. It was attached to another building very similar to mines. I live in unit 7. My family and I lived on the second floor.As a child, I was extremely afraid of heights. There was a big backyard that was accessible to all four neighboring buildings to play in. In the summer, the air was fresh. the trees were tall and the smell of grass was prominent. The other kids and I took advantage of this backyard. However, I was the only one of the kids who lived on an upper floor. This one time in particular, my friends were already outside so I decided to go and join them.

Task 3

My first memory is from when I was 4 years old. I was the oldest kid on the block, which got me a lot big boy privileges. Many of the younger kids looked up to me even if I was a week to a couple of months older than them. My family and I lived on the second floor. We were as high up as the trees, which made it awesome. All of the other kids lived on the main floor or in the basement. Many of them were jealous that they did not get to experience what it is like to live up in the air. The other children and I would play in this big backyard that stretched along 4 buildings in my neighborhood. All the kids would play in that green backyard with fresh cut grass and clean air. There was one time when I had to join the kids later on. I stood on my second floor balcony ready to descend the shaky stairs. The other kids looked at me in awe as I prepared to run down the stairs.

Task 4

My first memory is from when I was 4 years old, I was the oldest kid on the block but I was also the shortest and the chubbiest. All the other neighborhood kids and I played together, but I got a sense that they did not like me very much. I lived on the second floor while the majority of them lived on the first floor. However I was deathly afraid of heights. One day, I was home watching television when I heard noise coming from the backyard. I looked out my window to find the other kids playing without me. I decided to join them and made a run for my balcony. As soon as the other kids saw me come out of my house, they stared with annoyance. To prove how cool I am to the other kids, I began running down the stairs. Two stairs down, I stopped due to paralyzing fear.

Task 5

“Of all the guys left in the neighborhood, Frank was the nicest. We got to be friends, we got to be friends. we got to going around together, we didn’t need the other guys much. The other guys had more or less kicked Frank out of the group, anyway, so he became friends with me. […] I even joined the Catholic church because Frank went there.” (71)

This passage demonstrates that Henry is a reject and a follower. Before this passage, Henry went through two friends: David and Red. Both of these boys were the unpopular, weird kids at school. For some reason, Henry gravitates to these types of people. He isn’t described to have any physical abnormalities like David or Red but he is still rejected by is other peers. Another aspect of his identity is that he is a follower. This is prominent in the passage on page 71.: “I even joined the Catholic church because Frank went there.” He does not participate in the church due to his beliefs or values, but to not feel alone and have a friend. Further on in the chapter, Henry acknowledges that they have different views on Confession.

Melvin Buquerente



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