Find your Identity

Alexa Nunziato

Task 2

“ My first memory I have is when I went to Florida with parents. We were staying in Orlando the house we had there. We had just came home that night from visiting Walt Disney and there were alerts everywhere for a hurricane that was on the way: Hurricane Charlie. I was in the house watching Bugs Bunny and the wind started to pick up. Later that night, the winds were so high and pieces of the roofs starting flying off, as well as cars were turning over across the street. I was terrified. My dad decided he wanted to get this hurricane on tap and so he opened the door and started video taping and that truly got me worried. He only stayed at the door for a second and that’s all I remember from that night. I remember the screen I was watching my show on turning grey, meaning that we had lost signal. We had lost electricity as well. It seemed as though I was the only one stressed out about it too! I was 7 years old. I don’t remember exactly how I felt, but I remember being exhausted and yelling at my dad to come back into the house. Knowing me, I was probably very stressed, heart-beating fast, and restless. However, the feelings exactly I cannot recall.

Task 3

I’m really close to my parents which is important to understand to describe how stressed I was during this storm. Although 6 years I was definitely their protector. There was no way anyone’s getting hurt during this hurricane, which actually ended up killing 15 people total from all the areas it had affected. I made sure the door was locked, that we were in bed as soon as possible, turned the lights off and I tried to tell everyone to go to bed so we could wake up when the storm was over. Luckily, our area wasn’t as affected. Nonetheless, wind speed was very high and when my dad opened the door to video tape the hurricane, I yelled and screamed at him to come back inside. He listened and I was his hero.

Task 4

I really did not want to be in Disney World. There were too many people, too many people made me nervous and I just wanted to go home. I didn’t really care that there was going to be a tornado, I didn’t really care about anything. Going on the rides at Walt Disney didn’t even excited, honestly nothing excited me I didn’t even care about being in the most fantastic place in the world. For all I cared Disney World could be closed tomorrow due to the storm and I would not even mind. Watching TV in my world as the winds picked up I just wanted to sit in front of the T.V., and not move. Watching this show is what makes my day I love watching this show, its so much better than being on all those rides.

Task 5


Henry came home to his mother after school one day and asked, “Henry, do you love your mother?” (52) Henry explains that he “really didn’t” (52). This was just a thought in his head though. However, he tells his mom that he does in fact love her. He probably felt bad, or he was afraid to hurt his mother even more than she is already hurting. This passage occurs right before he sees the woman his father is cheating on with her. Henry doesn’t say anything. Through this passage we learn that Henry is afraid, he is afraid to speak up in this family which shows him no love. He doesn’t love his mother, and feels as though she doesn’t love him. He is afraid, almost weak, but it is not as if his actions re not excused. He has been traumatized with the type of family he is living in and hold back from all thought. This is a huge part of the novel because we learn about Henry’s inner emotions, something he refuses to show in the novel. As readers we might be able to relate his actions to his inner emotions, but others outside his head cannot. This relates to the other books read this semester, and being an outcast. Henry is lost he feels alone in his thoughts, it is clear.


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