Through visual arts I will be representing a specific scene in the novel which can be referred to as Anna’s first “relationship”- related heartbreak. The scene begins on page 82, when Anna dresses carefully for her date with Walter after Vincent had sent Anna a letter on his part: ending the relationship.Through my art I want to make it clear how Anna feels about Walter and herself, and how Walter views Anna. I will be representing the line “how do you know what it’s like to try to speak from under water when you’re drowned?” (84). This is my favourite line of the novel. The reader can feel and visualize how Anna feels, how trapped in her thoughts she is. The bottom half of my canvas will be an ocean where Anna is drowning and trying breathe. Walter and Anna will be standing above the water and Anna will be holding onto Walters knees. This part of my art work will resent the line where Anna tells Walter “I’ll hang on to your knees and make you understand and then you wont be able to, you wont be able to” (84). The truth is that Walter will never understand no matter how hard he tries, but he won’t try because he doesn’t care. Anna will be drawn as a child holding onto Walter, rather than her 18 year-old self. This will not only show the theme of dependancy Anna has towards Walter, but will also demonstrate how Walter views Anna: as a young immature child.  Through this scene one is able to understand Anna’s internal struggle, her dependancy on others to fill in her emptiness, and the disrespect she faces from Walter. I will probably be using mixed-mediums, meaning I will be using paint, collage, pastels, and colouring pencils as well. I hope to incorporate a 3-D aspect to my art as well to make the scene all the more real.


Alexa Nunziato


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