Drop Dead Legs

            Voyage in the Dark by Jean Rhys is, in my opinion, encapsulated by a single scene. The scene that I am referring to is that where Anna first descends into the world of escorts. Anna enters a room with a hard backed couch, a curvy legged chair with red cushions, red curtains. There is a clock sitting on a table, also present is a vase of red plastic flower. The only colors present seem to be red and black. I will be making a drawing done in graphite, red and black ink. The drawing will contrast the red and blacks/greys. There will not be any people in the drawing, it will show the underworld that Anna becomes caught up in. It will follow the same themes as the novel in terms of male domination and the symbolic clocks, the repression of women and with it the repression of Anna and her past that comes from the West Indies. The image in my mind is dark and twisted with hard straight lines contrasted with several seemingly out of place curves. This will be reflected in the colors as well, black dominating and red appearing in small amounts to give definition to the piece. It will have many geometric forms that will represent the laws, the society, the helplessness of Anna.


Thomas Leclaire


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