Driving as a Baby?


Task 2:

One crazy memory that I had was when I was about 2 or 3 years old. I got to drive a vehicle for the very first time. My dad was holding me and he gave me control of the steering wheel. I assume no vehicles were around during that time, but I wasn’t aware of what was happening outside. I was just looking at the steering wheel and let my contentment invade me. I was just joyous driving it. Somehow I managed to drive right and control the wheel correctly. I guess it we were on a straight line. My family and I were on a trip if I remember correctly.

Task 3:

Driving. Very little that I knew about cars, it was pleasant, memorable. Oblivious, controlling  the steering wheel felt safe and easy to use. I wasn’t worried at all, not at all. I just was the best driver in the world. My dad was holding me with his giant hands, holding me tight. I felt like Simba. Amusement, my dad was bemused by my ability to control the vehicle. My arms were wide open and my tiny hands were grasping the wheel. I was blithe and enjoying driving.

Task 4:

Driving. Very little that I knew about cars, I was way too young, it was disconcerting. My dad was completely out of his mind to let me drive this old and stupid vehicle. Why would a little 2 years old drive a car? I could kill my whole family just by doing a swing movement. I was looking dumbly at the wheel instead of the windshield. But I was just an oblivious baby, what could I do about that.

Task 5:

Henry feels unruly throughout the novel. Simply because he is not in charge of anything. He is always controlled by a bigger and stronger person, that will eventually gain dominance over him. This is the case from his schoolmates and especially from his own father. Not only because daddy has to educating him, but because of him being harsh towards his son, leading Henry to feel hatred and introvert. One passage that emphasized his hatred mind is when his dad got a conflict with his momma: “I’ll kill you!”(p.52). It was a very hard moment for Henry because his own dad is betraying the whole family for another woman. Enduring the harsh education led him to say those words.


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