Door of the Caravane

Task Two:

If I would think of a first memory, it would be about when I was around 8 years old. My mom, my little three brothers and I, planned in going for a dinner night. I know it was in a weekday and it was windy outside, but it wasn’t a cold wind rather it was warm and enjoyable. Maybe I was in a joyful mood because we were going to eat outside but anyways, we decided to go with a car. When we got outside of the house, normally kids would fight each other in order to take the passenger seat but since I am the oldest one I called “shotgun!” In that time, we had a green Caravane car, so the side doors except from the ones from the driver and passenger’s seat slides in order to close. My young brother, Ali, suddenly closed the door really hard while I was getting on the passenger seat and unfortunately I had my hand on the door frame which smashed my middle finger. I screamed really hard, but surprisingly it did not hurt at all, I screamed anyways knowingly that my finger was stuck, I couldn’t do anything.

Task three:

I am the oldest in a family of 4 brothers, when I was around 8 years old, I knew that I have more power over my little brothers and that could do lots of things which my brothers couldn’t. One day, my family decided to go on a dinner night, and what I thought at first was “I will take the passenger seat no matter what!” I only thought about getting the seat first, I was planning imaginary scenes in how to get the seat first, I believed saying “shotgun” was like an assurance which would save my seat. When we got to the car, my brother accidently smashed the Caravane car on my hand when I tried to get in the passenger seat, in my head I did not scream because I didn’t felt any pain.

Task four:

I am older than my three brothers, when I was around 8 years old, I always tried to be better than my brothers in any way. I tried to find ways to overpower them in any thing such as getting a bigger proportion of food, tried to have the remote control when we watched TV and even being in the passenger seat. I was always scared that I would be bettered by my brothers so I desperately tried not to let them in any way. One day, my mom decided to go for a dinner night with us, brothers. “It is my time to shine!”, I thought. I wanted no matter what to be in the passenger seat of the car so I screamed with all my will “shotgun!”, my seat is reserved only for me, I was happy. When we got to the car, my little brother smashed the door on my hand, when I tried to get on the passenger seat. I screamed so loudly that I did not feel my throat anymore and that I would believed my scream to be someone else’s.

Task five:

He is a bit of both, to be more precise, it depends with who such as when he is with his father he is obedient and shows no anger but does feel sad at one point. He said: “I felt that even the sun belonged to my father, that I had no right to it because it was shining upon my father’s house. I was like his roses, something that belonged to him and not me…” (40)  Henry is in a identity crisis not knowing what he possess, who does he belongs to… He is right now in search of his true self but bearing in fact that he has an abusive father might quite harm his journey. He also acts as a hero, when he acted tough toward his principal.

Hersi Nur



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