Be the King.

Task 2:

I was about 3-4 year. What I remember is that I was eating small rectangular cookies and was sitting in front of the TV. It was around 8-9 am and everyone was leaving for school or work, except my father that worked late night and woke up around 10 am. My mother left and gave me breakfast and told me to watch TV until my dad wakes up. I remember watching a show call Between the Lions on PBS. It was one of my favorite shows. I still remember the melody of the theme song but can find the lyrics anymore. I am sure if I listen to the theme song right now, I will be able to sing along. The reason why I remember that is because it was in fall and I remember that the leaves were falling just like right now. It was also getting a bit cold. Also, I remember I was so stress free and happy. Life was so easy and simple. I had to worry about nothing. I think that I didn’t understand all the words that they were saying. I was always a visual person and I am sure that the bright and colorful images caught my attention. Also, I don’t know why but I always kept watching the yellow leaves that were fallen.

Task 3:

As a kid I always got what I desired. I was the type of kid that I kept on crying and screaming until I was satisfied. So, I woke up in the morning and wanted to have cookies. Not any cookies! I wanted those rectangular cookies. So, my mother gave it to me. I wanted to watch only one specific show. It was called Between the Lions. When I was watching that I show, I felt that I was a lion. I was the king and the most powerful human just like the lion is the strongest in the animal kingdom. I was the king and everyone was under me.

Task 4:

I was 3 years old and my parents didn’t want me to go to daycare. They had this bad image of what is a daycare. They would rather stay home with me than send me in a daycare where the instructors do not care about me. So, I always woke up in the morning feeling sad. I saw my neighbor Chris going to the daycare and having some fun. In contrast, I was here watching Between the Lions and eating nasty cookies that only elders that are missing teeth eat. Everyone went for work. My older sisters went to school and my mother to work. My father was sleeping. Home was quiet and dark. Everything was sad and life seemed unfair. I was staring at the leaves outside and looking them get blown by the wind. It was cold.

Task 5:

“He leaped up and ran toward the house.’ MAMA!MAMA!’ … I wondered if they were crazy.” (69)

I think that this scene is the most funniest scene I have read so far. I stopped for a moment and asked myself, who are the parents and who is the child? This passage can be significant for us. This shows me that Henry is mature for his age. He has more common sense than his parent. Perhaps, Henry exaggerated on the description of his parent to make them sound pathetic and to have a better image. He isn’t the one that is dysfunctional. He is totally normal. However, his parents are the ones that are not normal. Henry might of describe them like this so that the reader sees him a the good person and his parents as the weird and abnormal characters.


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