Task 2

My first memory happens to be my last as well. I was reincarnated in this body. I don’t remember much from my last life. I can’t tell you what my name was, where I lived, what I liked. In fact I only remember one thing. Dying. There was a shot and I felt peace, I’m not sure who shot me or why just that it was bliss. There was a hole in my chest a I felt my blood spilling. It was not so bad. I wasn’t scared, I’m not sure why but t was comforting. Maybe I was  ready to die, or maybe I was sick of living. I am not really sure. I closed my eyes and the there was a blanket of nothingness. I guess it was death. It was nice. Silent. Singular. I don’t remember being born but it must have happened, I’m not sure how I went from the dark to the womb. I guess it could have been worse. I was born as a human. At least I’m not a beetle.

Task 3

I got shot, my last memory, my first. I don’t know. Whoever shot me is gonna die. I don’t even know who shot me or why. I didn’t deserve to die. I think. I was ready to die. It was pleasant, like a fine woman, delicate but fierce. I felt distant, but that was normal. The thing that surprised me was the silence. “Bang” and then nothing, I could feel the blood on my chest but it didn’t really matter. The world dimmed. I ended up here. Funny how things work. At least I’m not a raccoon.

Task 4

There was a hole in my chest. I probably deserved to die, I thought. Who actually deserves to live. I don’t remember my life but I probably wasn’t that different from now. I remember that warm blood, it was nice o be comforted, I looked down. Things went dark, I couldn’t do anything. What was I supposed to do, I was dying. I was ready I guess. We are born to die. I didn’t know it was coming, I don’t know why it happened, I don’t know what happened before. I died. It’s pretty simple. You could look at it as sad but what is that going to change. You are going to die anyways. At least I’m not a fly.

Task 5

“You must be Mr. Chinaski?”

[Henry] nodded.

“You are thirty minutes late.”


“Would you be thirty minutes ate to a funeral or a wedding?”


“Why not, pray tell.”

“Well if the funeral was mine I’d have to be on time. If the wedding was mine it would be my funeral.” [Henry] was always quick with the mouth. I would never learn.

[Henry] stood up again. I sucked in a giant sea of air and let go. “IF YA WANNA BE DA RULLER OF DEY QUEEN’S NABY STICK CLOSE TA YUR DESKS AN NEVA GO TA SEA!”

Henry is cynical, he is witty. He is not afraid to stand up to authority. He openly makes fun of his teacher in class. He wants to learn and he does but the teaching comes not from his teacher but from the wold he lives in. He lives in a time when despair is rampant and his life is affected by that. He is unable to comprehend the purpose of the education system. He therefore does not take it seriously. He has a passion, writing, unfortunately for him he is not confident enough in it to support himself on that passion a getting published is difficult for him as well. He enjoys himself, he likes to joke even though he is cynical. His jokes are often dark and gruesome but still funny.