A scene with rhythm : PROPOSAL

PAGE 45-48

My creative assignment is something other than a written essay or piece. I would like to use a musical or sound medium. I will be creative and read a scene from the book and include songs without lyrics, to set the mood of the scene. For example; my scene I would like to choose is in chapter 5 starting from page 44 to page 48. That scene is when Anna and Walter are having some whisky and Anna starts talking about her past in England and how happy she was. She was reminiscing about her family and parents. When she will be talking about the happy moments, I will be playing an upbeat song to show the mood and in other parts I will be playing songs to fit the mood of the scene or words she is saying. These songs that will be playing in the background will set the mood of that particular moment. The song will show Anna’s feeling and express how happy she was living in England. Music will give life to the scene just like in scary movies, if you remove the suspenseful music the scene will be boring but if you add that music, you will be scared, just like in this case, you will feel happy or sad or whatever Anna is feeling. The themes that I will portray for this creative assignment is happiness from her past.


Alexander Vincelli



One thought on “A scene with rhythm : PROPOSAL

  1. Good. This sounds very interesting. Be sure to consider the complexity of the scene in both your soundscape and your explanatory text. She is definitely reminiscing on the past, but there’s more going on in this scene. There’s the present moment as well. How will you express this contrast, sonically?


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