Proposal Idea

In this creative project I would like to show Anna’s personality and what does she feels during the entire story when she is with different men. I want to show that right now Anna is in England and that she is a tart. When she met Jeffries she understands more about her, that she is poor and she wants to have more than what she have now. Also, we can see that she “costs” more before having a sex with him. He gave her 25 pounds, but when they were together he gave just 5 pounds. This can also give us a little perspective, as how she must felt after being with Jeffries, like she is not appreciated as before.  She always describes herself wearing black. Like this she is trying to be black as most people in West Indies. And we can feel that she is always trying to talk or think about West Indies no matter where she is and no matter what she is doing at this moment. This place for her is so important, but she cannot come back there because she doesn’t have any money that she can use to get there.

What I intend to do is to create a poster that represents Anna feeling with relation of her getting home sick, as I know also this feeling. What I will do is to create a poster that will show the differences between England and West Indies.  I will be using symbolism as I plan to show throughout a poster what is the feeling of being home sick that Anna felt during her stay in England. In this poster I want to put symbols like the fire and the alcohol that makes Anna feel like if she was at home. Also I will put the silhouette of a man as it also has a representation of her being depress and under appreciated.

By Karyna Statko





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