proposal idea

For the creative assignment I have chosen to work with sound. The way I will be setting up my project is by creating a chain of sounds that could be played behind one of the scenes in, voyage in the dark. The song will encompass the themes of darkness and belonging. I have decided to recreate a soundtrack to what is going on inside Anna’s mind when she flips back and forth between thinking about England and her past life. The music will fit the general mood and atmosphere of her surroundings and thoughts. I am also thinking of reading passages over the song so that it will be easier to distinguish how exactly Anna is feeling at certain moments. Right now I am looking to have one passage where she explains how her experience in London has been treating her and another will encompass her past life that she tells us about repeatedly. The parts where she thinks about London will have a more relaxed beat and sounds that wouldn’t regularly work together but flow. On the other hand, when Anna thinks about the West Indies it will have a more up beat feel and sounds that are more exotic. All together it should probably make you feel a little confused but keep in mind this isn’t a regular song and Anna is a regular person so I’m trying to have add these different aspects of her personality to the music.

Andrew Augoustis


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