Proposal for VITD

Vanessa Correia

I might reinterpret a scene from Voyage in the Dark. Nothing is set in stone, however I have been pondering rewriting the final scene that depicts an ill Anna in a dream-like state. I feel as though the original ending is not very satisfying because it leaves many questions about the book unanswered: How does she feel about men? When and how did she become so pessimistic? What does she think about herself? What is the purpose of the clock imagery? How does Anna imagine her future? There are obviously many questions to address, and I feel as though it would be interesting to reinterpret the Caribbean flashbacks/dreams she has into some backstory that is more coherent and demonstrates a reflection of Anna’s outlook on her position. I would also like Anna to have more commentary on what she thinks about the light under the door. I want the reinterpreted dreams/flashbacks to be ambiguous yet open to interpretation. It will include symbols, and perhaps some fictionalized backstory or imagining of Anna’s future.

Another idea I had was to write an additional scene that would proceed the final scene (where she is ill in the room with Laurie and the doctor). I was thinking that maybe Anna would recovering and escape the doctors room while unsupervised. A note would be left behind; Laurie would find it and read it. I would write out the note. The note would not have a specific addressee, that is, it would be up to the reader to imagine who the note is addressed to (the men in her life? Laurie? The reader? Anna herself?). Laurie would be overwhelmed and Anna would be M.I.A. This would be another ambiguous ending: Has Anna run away to find a better life? Has she submitted to the tight clutches of the dark London streets? Has she taken her life? The point is that no character or reader will ever know (not even I, the writer for this potential scene). I think this idea is more exciting because it allows room for a lot of creativity and can lead to more open/poetic writing. This scene would probably take place in the 3rd person, but I feel as though it would need to alternate to 1st person at times to convey Anna’s thoughts and Laurie’s thoughts as she finds her missing friend’s letter.

Draft of scene (for option 2). 

A lively Laurie slowly entered the room, squinting her eyes as she scanned the dimly lit space. Seconds of adjustment allowed her to make out square shapes, then a large bed frame, and then an uninhabited cot. Laurie did not panic, as she knew her friend to be impulsive and independent. Perhaps Anna had just wandered off for a second to clear her mind. Laurie cautiously walked across the room and plopped her onto the bed, arms outstretched, eyes directed at the ceiling. The ceiling itself was not interesting, but the light coming from the hall cast a mocking glow, creating long, ghostly figures on the dark expanse. As she averted her gaze, Laurie noticed a small, white envelope on the edge of the cot. She grabbed it and exited the room, taking up a spot on the hallway floor. 

The envelope was blank, but Laurie could feel a paper inside. She looked both ways for any signs of life and proceeded to reveal the neatly folded letter. The calligraphy was messy and inconsistent, but she recognized Anna’s writing. 

(Here is where I would insert Anna’s letter, filled with ambiguous explanation and thoughts and emotions). I haven’t fully thought out what I would like to include in the letter. It also important to mention that I am not fully sure of this idea, and might go for my first idea instead. 








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