Proposal for creative product

In the creative product related to the novel Voyage in the Dark written by Jean Rhys, the working medium chosen will be related to visual art. Although it has not been defined if it will be a painting or a short graphic novel, the scene that it will be focusing on will be the one when Walter and Anna are eating for the first time at a fancy restaurant  up till  when Anna gets in a Taxi and leave Walter behind. My creative product will certainly illustrate Anna’s perspective towards the world she lives in by depicting Anna’s  perception of her own surrounding. My creative project will not only emphasize on the contrasting elements between her reality and imagination but also her abrupt mood change occurring all along this passage. For example, when Anna is alone in the bedroom after arguing with Walter, she talks about: “ There was a fire but the room was cold.” ( Rhys 20)  or when she looks at herself in the mirror  as says that, “It was as if I were looking at somebody else.”(21) Furthermore, the final art product  will be composed of  few colors such as black, grey and white in order to illustrates Anna’s mood and mindset. By doing so, one will have a better visualization of the tone and setting of darkness that takes place in the novel.


Amanda Ging Sze Chan


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