For my creative assignment, I want to focus on the very first scene of the novel. (p. 7) This scene seemed as though it would be most interesting to recreate into somewhat of an artwork. Although I have no real talent in painting or music, I’ve decided that I want to create some form of poster/collage using different images I’ll print off the internet. Firstly, I would like to get some red material and make a curtain out of it, which will recreate the idea of a theatrical reference of a “curtain falling”. Behind this curtain will be the first impression Anna gives the reader about her state of mind and how she perceives the world around her. As Anna states that “The colors were different, the smells different…” (7), I will produce some form of splattered colors and use images of our senses to represent how she feels about England. In addition to this, Anna makes several references to temperature throughout the novel and she continuously mentions it to describe how she’s feeling. Anna simply couldn’t get used to the cold in England, and although most people, including myself, think England is absolutely beautiful, she just can’t bring herself to see it in any form of light. For this reason, I want to recreate some form of image where England is depicted in beautiful colors in the background, with Anna standing in the middle of the chaos, but colored/painted completely black, because this is how she constantly views the world around her. She also reminisces about being back home and her senses are what remind her of her home (smell, taste, colors). I would like to depict what “Market Street” looks like, and compare it to the narrow streets and illustrate what she associated to these 2 different things, the narrow street smelt of niggers and wood-smoke and salt fishcakes…” (7). All in all, I want to visually and symbolically recreate this very first scene, putting specific emphasis on Anna’s inner mind.

Sara Vetere


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