Poetry : feather of the mind

For the creative project, I thought of combining two separate elements together in order to create a special atmosphere that will carry away the audience to Anna’s thoughts and emotions. In fact, I will write a poem that will focus on Anna’s darkness view of the world she’s living and the difficult life challenges that she had to face only because she is a woman. I was inspired by the first page and fourth part of chapter 1 on page 155 of the novel, because the author’s ending can be interpreted in many ways. I noticed that the ending and beginning of this dark story can be seen as an event circle, since the protagonist seems to constantly live over and over again the same difficult moment in her life. In order to achieve a more tenebrous and dramatic atmosphere, my poem will be recited with sad and dramatic background instrumental music.

I chose this type of art, since poetry arises all our senses and tickles the rhythm of our melodious soul. Alone, verses can create an atmosphere and highlight the tone of the speaker, so with music it will make the audience dream and have a better portrait of the protagonist and her difficult life.

Therefore, in order to create this piece I have decided to record myself using a microphone and accompanied with an appropriate musical background. Preferably, the beginning will  be slow and the end will be faster. This will enhance the gloomy and obscure environment where she is living in.

Moreover, this poem will be recited with a third point of view, which will create another dimension to the story. Since it allows the audience to have the perception of an omniscient narrator that seems to intrude onto Anna’s way of thinking and the impact of society’s ideals and morals on such a young woman. In this poem,  I will try to tint each verses with Anna’s personality which will create another vibrant effect, the audience will have the impression of being so close to Anna, almost as if she was the main speaker. Also, to confuse even more the audience, I would like to include one verse where Anna is talking to confuse them even more.

Leila Bencherif


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