Optimism V.S. Pessimism

Jean Rhys’ Voyage in the Dark is a melancholic novel told through the eyes of Anna. Anna suffers from depression has a wide range if deep rooted issues: she is a pessimist and does not seize life’s opportunities like a typical 18 year old girl should. One of the key factors that influences her behavior is her move to England. Anna is originally from the West Indies and becomes unhappy once she departs home. I plan to try and depict Anna’s sadness of moving away from home through a painting.  I will be pulling out passages in the novel where Anna talks about how she feels all the towns look alike in England. I will split this work of art down the middle. The painting will be symmetrical; it will have the exact same image drawn on both side son the canvas. One sid will depict happiness and the other will show sadness. The side that demonstrates optimism will be colorful and will show the positive aspects of moving to England. For example, its cultural and historical significance. The other half, on the other hand, will be dark and gloomy and will represent Anna’s emotions. I believe that this is the best way to illustrate the novel creatively. I hope that my painting will be able to incorporate all the ideas that I listed above and display both the optimistic and pessimistic sides of the novel.


Nadav Sarid


One thought on “Optimism V.S. Pessimism

  1. Cool. This has potential. I had asked you to re-imagine a specific scene. The reason for this was to give you something specific to work with. The danger with this idea is to make something generic that doesn’t engage with the novel enough. I would say that whatever images you put on either side of the divide, they should be inspired by as many specific passages from the novel as possible. Deal with detail and specifics from the novel, rather than vague generalities. This is one of the keys to success with this project.


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