As we all know from the novel, Anna ambivalently wishes to keep her baby and to equally be with men, who make her feel valued as they give her money, clothes and sex. This piece will be a song that Anna sings near the end of the novel if she had kept her baby. It will propose an ending that shows how life would have been for the protagonist if she had not gotten an abortion. This song will equally speak about her realization that her worth does not depend on anyone or anything. The piece will uphold the idea that she is to be valued not because of what she can offer but for the mere fact that she is a human being just like the rest of us, that that alone should be the reason why she should be respected, valued and cared for. Anna also plans to sing this song to her daughter, whom she names Hope, on her 18th birthday as an expression of how much her mother loves her and to also remind her that she deserves to be loved, pursued and spoken for.

In order for me to produce this piece, I will take the melody of Noel Cabangon’s “Tuloy Pa Rin,” a famous Filipino song and incorporate Anna’s own lyrics to her song called “Hope.” To accompany, I will play the ukulele.

Mikaela Cuaycong


One thought on “Hope

  1. I love this idea. Sounds great. Just make sure that whatever the song is, that it engages thematically with the novel in some way. You say this: “This song will equally speak about her realization that her worth does not depend on anyone or anything.” This is true, but I guess just be careful because this statement could apply to any novel or anyone in any situation. Make it as specific to the thematic concerns of the novel as possible. Perhaps something about the opportunities (or lack of opportunities) for women.

    (also, you are not on the attendance sheet for Nov. 7. You must attend the class in which these small assignments are due in order to be graded for them, as stipulated in the course outline).


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