Flirting skills 101

For the moment, the scene that I have in mind is from page 10 to page 13. It is the scene where Walter Jeffries and Jones are approaching Anna and her friend Maudie. I find this scene really funny and imagine it as a parody. Perhaps, this is how the reader intended to do. I find it funny how the two men are so confident: The two men went past and walked ahead very slowly. One of them had his hands in his pockets.” (10) The two men look very confident and seem that this is a ritual. Maudie and Anna aren’t the first girls they flirted with. So, I would like to view this scene in the eyes of one of the two men. I would narrate this scene in Walter’s perspective and vision. The medium that I would be using to express this would be words. I would like making a little video however I do not have the equipment.

We know that later in the story, Walter leaves Anna and doesn’t come back. I believe that he is married and was only using Anna to fill his desires. So, Walter is clearly a disloyal, insecure and selfish in a way. He doesn’t care about the impact his action has on other people. He makes Anna fall in love with him and then throws her in the dark.  Therefore, I would narrate Walter as a cocky, liar and untrustworthy character. It’s funny how he walks to the girls with his hand in his pockets; he is so confident. Also, Jones, Walter’s friend, seems to be uncomfortable with the situation. I would say that Walter pushed him to do this. To sum up, the stylistic element I want to focus on this scene is the excessive confidence of Walter and the funny and awkward approach. Putting all of this together, I would be able to provide a good imitation of Walter’s perspective of this scene. The scene will start with Jones and Walter walking in front of a pub and seeing Maudie and Anna walking on the other side of the street.

by Ilyas Mohamed


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