expectations vs. reality

When I attempt to paint Anna’s “expectations” versus Anna’s “reality”. The painting of Anna’s expectations will be from her own perspective, I will paint her looking into a glass mirror, with a thought bubble to reflect her perception of herself and who she aspires to be. The thought bubble will be filled by glued images cut from magazines, collage style. The painting of Anna’s reality will be from Walter’s perspective, as he looks at her laying in a bed, and his thought buddle will also be filled by a collage that will represent how others perceive her. Dividing the two paintings will be a cut out of a clock, representing the division between Anna’s inner world versus Anna’s exterior world. In terms of details, Anna’s thought bubble will depict her stream of consciousness and will illustrate her desire for fashion, and wealth. Walters perspective has a darker,  mysterious tone, symbolizing Anna’s exterior world. His point of view will be of Anna. The painting will hopefully speak for itself to illustrate the brutally honest version of Anna’s stream of mind, revealing the reality that Walter recognizes all the faults and imperfections she tries to hide.

Chelsea Silva-Martin


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