Creative Project Proposal

By Jerry Huang

In my creative project, I plan to make a short piano piece (~2 minutes). I will borrow a microphone and record the sound as I play the pieces. In terms of creating the music, I plan on borrowing melodies I can find in a variety of different musical pieces which I can then fuse to create a piece of my own, one I feel will encompass what I am attempting to express through it.

I intend to create the pieces with the goal of each being able to envelop a specific aspect of Anna’s character within the story. While it may be difficult to create a resonating piece with the sound of only one instrument, I feel as though by using the correct tempo and by varying the dynamics of the piece, I can make a melody that will portray how I interpret Anna’s suffering.

The reason I want to create music that expose the emotional aspects of Anna’s mind is because as a character, the tragedy she experiences is something that I feel is more difficult to express through writing than through music. I feel as though using music can resonate with an audience better than any other medium, hence I have chosen it the medium I will use.

The scene I plan to use as the template for my creative piece is the final chapter, as Anna lies on the doorstep of death with her survival unknown to the reader. I want to use this scene because in it, Anna experiences a variety of feelings, yet all of them express her sadness and the tragedies she has experienced in her life. However, there is still a sense of hope that exists within Anna, hence this can easily allow for the infusion of many different tempos within the music, allowing it to be both expressive and unexpected.


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