Creative Project proposal

For my creative assignment, I will do a visual arts medium. The scene that I will draw is a scene where the two couples ( Vincent and Germaine with Anna and Walter) are at the hotel in pages (69-71). Basically this scene is where Vincent and Germaine have a dispute and Germaine claims that Vincent thinks he’s perfect because he didn’t answer at what she said and they have a big dispute. I find this scene very interesting because it’s the first time in the novel that we see a woman confront a man and during this scene we see Anna a bit surprise to see that and seems not comfortable. So for the drawing, I’ll draw the two couples in the hotel they are on a table when we see Germaine gets up and sreaming at his boyfriend. In the background we will see Anna and Walter, Anna will seem a bit scare and confuse. I will really pick up on Germaine and Anna, because it’s Germaine that goes infront of Vincent and tells what she thinks and Anna seems very suprise to see that because she never though something like that could happen. So I think this scene is very important because trough the novel, the woman were always manipulated by men and for the first time the woman is winning and Anna seems to learn from that.


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