Creative project proposal

For my creative project, I would like to use a visual arts medium. I would like to make a drawing of the final scene where Anna is bleeding out and sees the light shinning through the other side of the door. At this moment, I would like to create a drawing split in half; one side will be the room Anna is in which I will draw in only black and white except for the blood coming from her and the other side of the door to be filled with life and color. I want to do this because throughout the entire book we are subjected to Anna’s dark and “colorless” life around her. We are constantly reminded of the life and beauty of either her home town or other people’s lives but this beauty is never around Anna. I would like to draw only the blood in color because I believe that the baby for Anna could have meant a new start for her; if she would have gone on with the pregnancy, she might have had a better life than what she had prior to the abortion. Therefore, the blood in color is there to symbolize the life and beauty that had slipped away from her grasp once again. The themes from the book that I am trying to portray is the darkness and lack of grace in Anna’s life. I hope that I will be able to clearly portray this in the drawing and demonstrate the pain in Anna’s life.

Steven Colaillo


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