Creative Assignment Proposal

For my Creative Assignment, I am thinking of making a Venetian mask, which will incorporate many elements and themes that are linked to the novel in general as well as to the main character, Anna. My project will consist of many steps and different art mediums. I intend to make create this mask by using some clay to sculpt the mask, and then I will paint the mask, and add some details. I will use some cardboard to make the frame. The mask will be attached to that frame, which will be used as a support to hold the mask. I will be including mirrors in my project since it is so present throughout the novel. Mirrors have a symbolic meaning, so I think it would be a good element to include in my piece of art. I also want to include the contrast between London (and its Edwardian style), and the West Indies by using dark tones to depict London’s darkness of the streets, and some light colours for the West Indies’ warmness. I will separate the mask into two sides to show the contrast between the dark and the bright side. I am thinking of maybe adding some feathers to the mask since it’s part of the West Indies’ culture. I’ll also some kind border around the frame. I can add the time around the frame just like an actual clock, which is also symbolic. Time is referenced many times throughout the novel. For now this is what I have in mind, but I know that as I go along with this assignment I’ll be able to find more ideas to add to it.

Claudia Keurdjekian


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