Appetizing Proposal

The scene I will be working on will be on pages 89-91. This scene begins with two plates of food one is “dark meat” the other is “lemon-cheese tart,” as Anna is trying to write a letter to Walter, after he had broken it off with her (89). The thematic elements I will be working on in this scene, is the symbolism of these two plates of food, which is the meaning behind each plate, or path, for Anna. As one plate symbolizes a journey of living her life and moving on without Walter, and the other plate, with the lemon-cheese tart, would symbolize a path of being a prostitute, which then indicates Anna not being able to move on from Walter and the experiences she had with him. Anna then chooses to eat the lemon-cheese tart which ties into one of the main themes of Anna not being able to exactly choose which path she will take, as she is always stuck living in the past. Anna choosing the lemon-cheese tart, in the readers’ point of view, can be seen as Anna just picking the easy way out, and as for Anna’s point of view, she feels as though she has no other choice. In this scene, Anna also sings “-something-away from despair” which can indicate her wanting to get rid of her misery, although she feels trapped and cannot, and one reason for that could be her financial state (90). With this scene I intend to make a scrapbook with pictures I will find off the internet and stickers. Not exactly sure what the scrapbook means, maybe a journal of pictures behind the meaning of the words in this particular scene that also relates to Anna and one of the themes in the novel.  I will start off with one page of the two plates of food and the next of Anna writing down her letters to Walter with her wine. She will look confused at what life choices she will decide to choose, using these letters as a distraction for her not to face her reality that she really has no other choice. I want to put in one page one of the path she could have chosen, the dark meat, versus the other page that she did choose, the lemon-cheese tart. The dark meat will be stating an ordinary life with no prostitution, with pictures of her taking care of herself trying to find a way back to the ordinary life she once had in the West Indies. The other page of her lemon-cheese tart path, will be of pictures with her and other men in a bedroom.

Julia Graziani


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