dripping technique

I have decided to do an art piece that will represent the book cover. I’ve decided to represent the scene when is Anna looking into a mirror and seeing her own reflection at the hotel when she met with Walter in the hotel (p.20-21). For this project, I was inspired to use the dripping effect because it gives a sort of messy effect. I feel that this represents Anna very well because she is a very complex character and she is hard to read. So, I decided to make a portrait of her that does not really show a define and perfect straight lines and that gives off an disorganized appeal because that is how I feel about Anna when I read this book. Her train of thoughts are not very coherent because she always goes back and fourth with her stream of consciousness, therefore I was inspired to represent it that way. Also, the tone is very dark, so mostly using dark colours such as black reflects her mood. The contrast between the white and black shows the lack of coulour or happiness in her life. I might add a touch of red to represent the shaded light of the bathroom she was describing and it gives also a tone of mystery or suspense in a way. To begin this painting, I will start by simply drawing the back of her profile looking into the mirror. Then, in her reflection, I plan on creating a very calm, cold and inexpressive face first and then outline it by putting a touch of disordered dripping to represent her character.


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