I have chosen the art medium. I am going to draw up the scene where Maudie and Anna go for a walk and Maudie notices two men behind them that she thinks are trying to get with them (page 9-10). I will make a poster image out of the scene where I will have all the stores on the left, a sidewalk in front of the stores, Anna and Maudie walking side by side on the side walk but with Anna’s head slightly turned towards the two men walking behind them which are Jones and Jefferies, in front of them I will have a street with incoming cars and houses to the left of that street. I find this scene as one of the most important scenes in the whole novel because this is where Anna initially meets Walter Jefferies. It’s an important scene to take acknowledgement of because if Anna and Maudie would have actually just carried on with their walk and not welcomed the two men who knows what would have been in store for Anna. Maybe, Anna and Maudie thought by accepting the men’s company it would turn out to be a harmless gesture but, unfortunately for Anna it wasn’t. Anna fell for Walter and lost her virginity to a married man that was just using her for pleasure. This sets the tone for the whole novel because we are curious to see how Anna will recover from this heartbreak but, as we see she never does and kind of continues the same pattern with the other men she encounters. She has sex with them, they give her money and then the men return to their lives. Anna is lost but, things just continue to get worse when she gets pregnant and has no idea who the father is, she gets an abortion and hopes her life could eventually turn around. This is why I find this scene so significant and important because it has so much meaning and plays such a big role in the novel. Who would think that a meaningless action of accepting someone’s company can start a snowball effect and make someone’s life so miserable.


Anthony Sciola


One thought on “Proposal

  1. This is a good scene to choose. In your proposal, you don’t discuss any thematic or stylistic elements that you will pick up on. Your proposal mostly summarizes what happens in the novel. We discussed many themes and motifs in the novel, as well as the style of it, and your creative assignment and explanatory text must reflect some of these.


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