Project Proposal

Charlotte Lapointe

Having chosen writing as my medium for the creative product on Voyage in the Dark, I have decided to write a poem as opposed to a scene. I will also be writing based on the overall story of the novel, rather than a specific scene. I want to write a poem that will express the many ways in which Anna is expected to behave from the different opinions and beliefs of the people she encounters throughout the novel, such as Walter, Hester, Maudie, Laurie, Vincent and many others. Each new character that is introduced adds something to the list of things that Anna should be, and though she follows most of their advice she still ends up being criticized and judged. I want to write about how Anna does not really know who she is or what she wants because she is never really herself, but rather a chameleon that has learned to blend into whatever others tell her to.

Here are a couple of lines that I have been working on:

From bright and colourful warmth

To the dull and grey of cold

From young and mostly happy

To the melancholy of old

I do not know this girl

Through the glass she stares at me

You’re one and the same, they say

But looking glasses distort reality

Every girl in the glass is unique

They all see her in a different way

And although she is my reflection

Who she should be is for others to say


You should act more like a lady

Speak and walk all prim and proper

Stop the skipping and the singing

They will mistake you for a girl of colour



One thought on “Project Proposal

  1. This looks great. I like where you’re going with this. One piece of advice I would have for a poem: try to use as much concrete imagery as possible. You already have some in the excerpt you posted here, which is good. Try to express the ideas you state above in concrete imagery: things you can see, hear, feel, etc. Good work.


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