Task one :     Anna and Walter in the country

1.In this scene, Anna describes about how happy she is. The conflict in this scene is between Walter and Anna. Walter wants to make love with Anna in the shelter therefore she doesn’t want to. He tries convincing her by saying that, “There are a lot of hole where the deer shelter in winter and where nobody could see us.”( Rhys 68) She refuses one again even if Walter tried to persuades her.

2.There was a subtext that we found in the scene where both of them are sitting on a fallen tree. When Walter says, “You’re lovely from this angle” and Anna replies back by saying, “Not from every angle?” (67) This comment implies that Walter doesn’t find her attractive all the time and that he  only wants to make love to her. This is also shown when he says, “I’ve wanted to bring you to Savernake and see you underneath these trees ever since I’ve known you.”(67)

4.Earlier in this scene,both of them are in the hotel’s dining room. Anna describes the stag’s heads “as big as cow’s”(66) and follows up by describing the men and women as ” calm, sleepy look…” (66)  She also adds that, ” the women [were] very tall and plump and smiling and tidy and the men with long legs and bushy whiskers.” (66)It can be seen that Anna describes her surrounding in a  cartoonish way by saying it herself that “they were drawings of stuffed figures”(66).

5.In the beginning of the scene, Anna’s insecurity is illustrated when she says, ” I was wondering if I looked all right, because I hadn’t had time to dry my hair properly.” following up by ” I was so nervous about how I looked that three-quarters of me was in prison, wandering round and round in circle.” (66) Her lack of confidence makes her rely a lot on Walter. She needs Walter’s compliment to feel at ease.

6.  Her mood change drastically when she talks about the flowers. She describes the leaves as ” bright as glass in the sun.”(67) Anna also sees a lot of different colors such as ” red, yellow, blue and white” (67). The protagonist goes on by  saying that she felt like she was in a dream. Anna also expresses her happiness when she says, ” I like it here” and follows up by ” I didn’t know England could be so beautiful”. It is the first time we notice her talking about her own appreciation of England.

Written by Amanda Ging Sze Chan and Anthony Sciola


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